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Looking Back – Top 5 blog posts:

I started this Sidekick blog to write about various topics. Here’s the Top 5 blog posts based on page views.

1. Best Affiliate Network? – Adsense Vs iHerb Vs Amazon Vs Tradedoubler

Any website/blog owner who wants to make some extra income are curious about different ways to make money with affiliate networks. 0.001% of people might make a living out of them, but within most cases you can barely make enough money to cover your hosting bills. I wrote reviews about various affiliate networks (Google Adsense, iHerb, Amazon Associates and Tradedoubler), and looks like people really liked my efforts here.

See this blog post: Adsense vs Amazon Associates vs iHerb vs Tradedoubler (review)

2. Why iHerb is the best affiliate network – 7 reasons

Another affiliate network review. Iherb has become my favorite network, and I had to write more about it.

See this blog post: 7 reasons why iHerb is my favourite affiliate network?

3. Photoshop guide – How to sharpen images without additional noise

I wrote a tutorial about my method of how to sharpen images without any extra noise. Clearly people are searching the Google for some Photoshop tutorials. Maybe one day I will write more about photo editing.

See this blog post: Photoshop Tutorial – How to sharpen images without additional noise

4. Lee Clayton – Outlaw Country Originator

Lee Clayton is first the outlaw country musician, and there isn’t much about him on the Internet. My article might be the one of the most complete Lee Clayton biographies that you can find online.

See this blog post: Lee Clayton – Outlaw Country Originator

5. Nokia 808 PureView – The Best Camera Phone

People always want the best. It was easy to gather info about the best camera phone when Nokia 808 PureView came out, as there simply isn’t any competition against it (at the moment). Who doesn’t want to see better quality YouTube videos from the rock concerts?

See this blog post: Nokia 808 PureView – The Best camera phone

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