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Review: Fine USA Trading Inc’s Instant coffee – Metabo Coffee, 60 Packets (Save with iherb coupon)


This is the first time I have tried Fine USA Trading Inc. products. Metabo Coffee caught my attention, as it’s a special coffee like the Reishi coffee. The Metabo coffee says on front of the page “The Japanese Secret”. The coffee is made from Brazilian Coffee Bean Extract, and it contains “Carnipure” (Chlorogenic acid, and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate) that should help with fat burning. Coffee is also sweetened(?) with a flavor enchancer called FOS (Fructo-Oligosaccharide), which is pretty popular in Japan (should promote colon health).

Taste? Way too mild. With one Metabo coffee packet you can make a half cup of coffee. Price is really high when you compare this to offer instant coffees. There are total of 60 servings (30 if you wish to use regular coffee cup) of Metabo coffee (and price is whopping $23.84!). Metabo coffee package is pretty large, and I’m sure this could be packed more tightly. I can’t say for sure, if I have noticed any health benefits with this coffee.

With Longreen Reishi coffee you can make double the amount of coffee from one serving (30 Sachets only $5.95!), and it still remains the best instant coffee I have tasted. No wonder why it’s always sold out!

More info: Metabo Coffee product page at

Score: 3/5

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