Playstation 4 – Collection of interesting PS4 news

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Playstation 4 news collected:


There are no new confirmed PS4 game titles this time, but here’s a collection of interesting PS4 news around the web from the past week.

New PS4 game from Ni No Kuni Developer:

“Level-5, the Japanese developer behind the Dark Cloud series, Dragon Quest VIII, Rogue Galaxy, the Professor Layton franchise and – most recently – the surprise-hit PS3-exclusive JRPG Ni No Kuni, is officially working on a PlayStation 4 game… ”
Read the whole article: Ni No Kuni Developer Creating PlayStation 4 Game –

PS4 building up the hype

“The PlayStation 4 hasn’t even been shown off to the public yet, but already the box is on the minds of millions of people across the globe… ”
Read the whole article: Why the PlayStation 4 Is Already In High Demand –

Playstation 4 “ultimate physics realism”:

“John Gustafson, chief product architect at graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices and a renowned industry veteran, praises the heterogeneous system architecture of Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 as well as its ultra-fast unified memory sub-system. In addition to advanced graphics, Mr. Gustafson expects PlayStation 4 to provide high-quality physics effects…”
Read the whole article: AMD: Sony PlayStation 4 Will Show Ultimate Physics Realism Thanks to Heterogeneous Architecture.

PS4 – More than a high-end PC:

“Although the PlayStation 4 was designed to be like a personal computer in a bid to simplify development of video games, it is still a lot different than personal computers, according to game developers who are working on titles for the PS4. As it appears, the difference between custom system and off-the-shelf PC is pretty huge, yet the technical director or Guerrilla Games did not reveal too many details about it.”
Read the whole article: Guerrilla Games: PlayStation 4 Is Not Just a High-End PC

Playstation 4 – Getting bored about shooters

“Sony wants the world to know that there are more ways to have fun with a PlayStation 4 than just shooting things in the face…”
Read the whole article: Sony Wants More Than Just Shooters on PlayStation 4

Rumor about the PS4 Memory usage:

“The PlayStation 4 will ship with a massive 8 GB of GDDR5 memory, which is a huge upgrade compared to the current generation consoles. However, according to a PlayStation 4 developer PS4Daily spoke to, they have access to “only” 7 GB of RAM. The remaining 1 GB is reserved for the operating system and background tasks…. ”
Read the whole article: PlayStation 4 developers have access to 7 GB RAM: rumor

PS4 Less complex…”Radical change”

“From a development standpoint, the PlayStation 4 is a “radical change” for Sony from past platforms. That’s according to Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat, who told CVG that building games for Sony’s next-generation platform will be “less complex” thanks to the system’s PC-like architecture…”
Read the whole article: PS4 development a ‘radical change’ for Sony, says Ubisoft

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