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Want to know if your site is worth anything? Calculate your Website value with 15 FREE tools


I have never sold a website, but I have always been curious what my websites are worth. Of course these calculators won’t give you accurate results, but they offer plenty of entertainment. :)

Here’s a list of completely FREE website value calculators:

(not in any order, and I’m not affiliated with these websites in any way). Last time tested as working in December 22, 2013.). All the sites list are safe according to WOT (Web Of Trust):

1. Worth Of Web

2. Site Worth Checker

3. Webuka

4. Website Looker

5. WebWorth

6. Evaluate Any Website

7. Get Website Value

8. checkwebsiteprice.com


10. Appraise My Website

11. Valuegator

12. CubeStat

13. siteworthtraffic.com

14. 9pr9

15. MuStat

Some of these pages give you more detailed info about your website (score/ratings/pagerank etc.), and free backlinks, which is always a plus. :)

I tested these website analyzers with two of my websites:

Website #1 Brucetapes.com – About 40 000 monthly visitors – Pagerank 2

Lowest value: $3
Highest value: $10,576

This is a Bruce Springsteen fan blog, giving concert details of each show. Would I sell it to $10,576? I doubt it. Lowest value $3! What kind of lunatic would sell their website for three dollars?

Website #2 Pusabase.com – About 4 000 monthly visitors – Pagerank 2

Lowest value: $37
Highest value: $50,550

This domain. Another fansite (The Presidents of the USA, you know the rock band from Seattle), Site has two separate blogs (one for “personal” use, and one for band news). There’s just something wrong with the statistics that these website calculators give. Mostly because they rely highly on Alexa site. Alexa site ranking is based on how many users have installed Alexa toolbar and visited my site, and this has pretty much nothing to do with thereal amount of visitors that the websites get. Would I sell this site for $50,550? Hell yes! I’d move to the country with that kind of money. :)

There are own calculators for youtube/twitter/facebook accounts, and I’m gonna check them out later.

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