Playstation 4 questions and concerns

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Some of the concerns and questions about the Playstation 4

Playstation 4 box press photo (PS4)

Playstation 4 – No SSD? (Solid State Drive) – Loading times?

I was expecting Playstation 4 to have a SSD, when the console comes available, but looks like this won’t happen. Xbox had a console version called Elite (back in the day), and I’m hoping that Sony would make a similar decision with SSD driven Playstation 4. I don’t like load times (I doubt anyone likes). It’s one of the things I hate about my PS3. Of course Sony promised that the new PS4 will load games faster, thanks to the faster Blu-ray drive. I have high doubts about this. I have never seen a fast DVD/Blu-ray drive…They make a horrible noise too.

SSD is not only about performance. SSD needs less power, it’s silent, and doesn’t heat up. SSD issue might be the only reason why I’d delay buying the PS4 console.

Amazon has two PS4 versions “Launch edition” and “Standard edition”. Does this mean we’ll see more versions coming?

Playstation 4 – Heating and noise issues?

Playstation 3 wasn’t the most silent console, and it had some heating issues . I really hope that the PS4 is much more silent, and doesn’t have any heating problems.

Playstation 4 – Hard to clean

Glossy PS3 was pretty hard to clean: Plenty of edges (thanks to strange shapes that the console has) + the glossy surface. Not to mention ventilation holes that are pretty hard to keep clean.

What about the Playstation 4? Based on the pictures I’ve seen, it seems to have even more places where the dust can go and buildup , making it even hard to clean. If you are teenager I doubt you won’t care how much dust your console can collect…. But hey, I’m a grumpy old man, that likes to keep his house clean. :)

PS+ service required for streaming services (Netflix, Spotify etc.)?

At least Netflix is safe, according to this: “all video services [on the PS4] will be outside of Plus“. What about Spotify (It’s a music service) or other streaming services.

Playstation+ service is pretty essential to any Playstation 4 fan, who like to play their games online (as it’s now required). I’m sure you won’t see streaming services as an issue, if you pay for the Playstation+ service anyway.

Playstation 4 – DVD Upscaling and Image Improvements

DVD upscaler is one the best things that PS3 has. It makes old DVD movies viewable on HDTVs. Hopefully Playstation 4 has even more control to make those old DVDs look even better on your TV. I’m sure movie fans will agree with me on this one.

Playstation 4 – Used games?

I think this video answers this question:

Feel free to add your concerns, other than the question when the Playstation comes available?