Sony Playstation 4 – Launch edition sold out at Amazon!

Posted by has sold out the Sony Playstation 4 “Launch Edition”- PS4 Bundles still available for the launch day?

Playstation 4 - Pre-order PS4 and Games from Amazon com So it happened. Sony Playstation 4 launch edition is now sold out at the (as I predicted on the previous Playstation 4 blog post). BUT, I never thought that It would happen this quickly! It’s cheaper than the Xbox One + Microsoft’s messy marketing surely helped out with the better sales. Yes. Microsoft removed the used games restrictions from the Xbox One, and the 24 hour Internet connection requirement. So where to get Playstation 4 for a release date?

There are still plenty of various PS4 bundles at the store. “Battlefield 4 and PS Plus Launch Bundle”, “Killzone and PS Plus Launch Bundle”, “Knack Launch Bundle
Launch Edition” and “Watch Dogs Launch Bundle”.

If you prefer the Amazon store, pretty much only way to score your console on a release date, is to pre-order one of the “Launch” bundles”? At least the bundles say that “Guaranteed to be available on the Release Day”, also has a price guarantee (if there’s going to be any special offers):

“Order now and if the price decreases between your order time and the end of the day of the release date, you’ll receive the lowest price”

Sony Playstation 4 – Sold out on the Amazon UK website?

It’s still available on the Amazon UK site, for the European Playstation gamers. Pre-order it from here.


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