InFAMOUS: Second Son – Playstation 4 reviews, videos & more

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Infamous: Second Son – PS4 Videos, reviews, interviews, screenshots, links and more!

Infamous: Second Son by Sucker Punch Productions is one of the more waited Playstation 4 exclusives. I’m collecting all the videos, reviews, interviews etc. about this game under this blog post. Hopefully more easier way to find info. Feel free to send anything I might have missed.



Infamous: Second Son – Game description:

inFAMOUS Second Son, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, brings you an action adventure game where surrounded by a society that fears them, superhumans are ruthlessly hunted down and caged by the Department of Unified Protection. When Delsin Rowe discovers his powers he’s forced to run, searching for other superhumans in order to save those he loves from the oppressive D.U.P. The actions he takes along the way will change the future of everyone around him.

Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Action-adventure

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Release date: Q1, 2014

Videos: Gameplay, trailers, demos

inFAMOUS Second Son – E3 Trailer (PS4) | E3 2013 :

“Reggie isn’t so sure if the people will be so accepting of his brother’s new found superpowers… but Delsin Rowe can’t get enough of his powers and he’s ready to show Seattle what he can do.”

inFAMOUS Second Son – Official E3 Gameplay Video:

“Watch the first official gameplay reveal for the PlayStation 4 exclusive, inFAMOUS Second Son from the PlayStation E3 2013 press conference!”



inFAMOUS: Second Son screenshots –

New Infamous Second Son screenshots show off cityscape –

Infamous: Second Son Images –


Reviews and previews:

inFAMOUS Second Son Hands-On –

Preview: InFAMOUS: Second Son will be the first system-selling PS4 game –

Interviews & Other:

Some developer interviews to give more in-depth view about the game.

Infamous Second Son Gameplay Walkthrough with Sucker Punch! Adam Sessler at E3 2013!:

“Developer Sucker Punch is headed to the Playstation 4 with INFAMOUS SECOND SON. We had the game’s producer come by the Rev3Games stage to chat with Adam Sessler and show off some gameplay from the next-gen title. ”

Infamous Second Son E3 2013 Preview Interview With Suck Punch – Gamerhubtv:

“Sucker Punch co-founder Brian Fleming explains what PS4 opens up for Infamous Second Son in this exclusive interview from E3 2013.”

A New Beginning: Designing Infamous Second Son:

“The lead developers at Sucker Punch behind Infamous Second Son talk about the changes that they are making with the third entry in the beloved series.”

PlayStation – E3 2013 Live Coverage: inFamous: Second Son:

“Watch the interview of Sucker Punch, the minds behind inFAMOUS Second Son from the PlayStation E3 2013 Live Coverage show.”

inFAMOUS Second Son: Conversations with Creators:

“Check out Sucker Punch senior staff members Nate Fox, Jaime Griesemer and Horia Dociu discussing what developing Second Son has been like on the PlayStation®4”

inSIDE SUCKER PUNCH: Smoke & Mirrors :

“Delsin Rowe has a the ability to absorb superpowers from other conduits and turn them into his own. The first power he absorbs is the ability to manipulate and transform into smoke.
Take a peak behind-the-scenes to see how Sucker Punch brings smoke into the universe of inFAMOUS Second Son on the PS4.”

NEW Trailer | inFAMOUS Second Son Trailer | #4ThePlayers:

inFAMOUS Second Son – Official Neon Reveal:

“Coming March 21st, 2014, watch the global reveal of Delsin’s latest power, Neon. Now part of his ever expanding set of powers, see how it changes the way he is able to travel through Seattle and take on the Department of Unified Protection”


Sucker Punch co-founder: “We want to do one thing at a time” –

‘inFamous: Second Son’ compared to ‘Batman’ by Sucker Punch –

‘inFAMOUS: Second Son’ Karma Explained: Welcome Back the Binary Moral Choice System –

Why next-gen graphics matter for Infamous: Second Son –

inFamous: Second Son “Can Run at Full 1080p, 30fps Rock Solid”, Says Sucker Punch –

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