Nokia Lumia 1020 the Best phone to record concerts?

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Best cell phone for recording concerts? Nokia Lumia 1020


It’s finally here. Windows Phone 8 featuring the 41 MP Pureview camera. Previously only used in Nokia PureView 808 camera phone. New Nokia phone is called Lumia 1020. Nokia Lumia 1020 comes packed with goodies for recording concerts. Whopping 41MP sensor with Carl Zeiss lenses. Also has image stabilization (OIS) to help remove shakiness from videos and photos. Lumia 1020 also has Nokia “Rich Recording” (with HAAC mics) to provide distortion free stereo recordings from high audio level situatins…up to 140dB without distortion!

It’s easy to say that this is currently the best camera phone you can buy for the concerts. But It might not be the greatest smart phone that is out there. That’s totally different topic…

Nokia Lumia 1020 – Why it’s good for recording concerts?

– 41 MP Pureview Camera, Carl Zeiss Tessar lens (f/2.2), Xenon flash
– Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), less shaky video and photos!
– Lossless zoom for videos and photos. 3x zoom (1080p HD) and 6x zoom (720p HD)
– Nokia stereo Rich Recording technology with HAAC mics. Distortion free stereo audio! (audio levels of up to 140 dB!)

See the full specifications (

Nokia Lumia 1020 videos:

There’s not too many live videos on Youtube. I will continue to update this blog post, when new videos comes available.

Joy and Madness – August 11, 2013:

Nokia Lumia 1020 – Justin Timberlake / Jay-Z – Legends of the Summer – I Want You Back / Izzo

Bruno Mars – Treasure LIVE – Recorded with Nokia Lumia 1020 at Staples Center

Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars videos could have a better recording spot, but still the audio is pretty amazing. Everyone who has recorded videos from such places knows that the sound won’t be good.

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Nokia Lumia 1020 where to buy?

I have no idea in which countries this phone is already available (I know it’s not available here in Finland yet), and it’s AT&T exclusive in US (how long? no idea). Just released in China, September in UK/Europe?…

What’s up with Nokia and their marketing?

You can try and Amazon UK.

Other good phones for recording live concerts?

If you want to get a distortion free video recordings with your phone. Check out Windows 8 phones (WP8) Nokia Lumia 620/720/810/820/822/920/925/928/1020, Symbian Belle phone Nokia PureView 808 (discontinued?), and the Android phone HTC One. See this blog post for more info.

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