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Some of the recent iherb purchases from that wasn’t good (December)


I usually tend to write about iHerb products that I have great experiences. Lately I have gotten some products from iHerb that aren’t that good.

Let’s start with some dried food. I ordered Now Food’s dried papaya dices and pineapple dices. “These delicious Papaya Dices are sweetened with just a touch of sugar”. One would think that these would taste natural and healthy. Surely better than the stuff that they sell at the local supermarket? Boy, I was wrong. These are filled with sugar. You can’t tell the difference between the papaya and pineapple. They all taste like white sugar. To be honest, I’d rather eat sugar candies, at least there’s some taste hidden somewhere.

But hey, it’s a good thing that I ordered some Xylitol gum, it should help keeping my teeth happy. I tried some Xylicwew gums: Spearmint and Peppermint. Are these any good? Nope, there went my money, they all lose the taste quickly, and are poor as all the previous xylitol gums I have tested (from iherb).

I have lost a bit faith to the iHerb reviews also. Yesterday I noticed that there is a new freebie: “iHerb Goods, Eco-Friendly Grocery Tote Bag, 1 Bag“, there was zero reviews about it. How? I have gotten that freebie previously, and it had tons of bad reviews, I gave 1 star to it, because the built quality is horrible, also the bag smells bad.

Now they have re-listed that item, and all the previous reviews have been wiped off! What the hell..seriously? You’d think they would do something to fix the issues that reviewers pointed out, rather than deleting all the previous reviews.

Score to all products above 1/5

Also there are some discussion on one of larger message boards here in Finland, about 1 star reviews not getting published. I haven’t got many issues with my reviews, although some reviews didn’t get listed, because their automatic filtering. It’s hard to write reviews when you have to check each item that they also get listed on the review page. Even if your review got saved, it doesn’t mean that it got published. I have made almost 700 reviews myself.

Little warning about the “My Page” on iherb site. You need to be very careful about promoting your coupon code on that page (it’s not allowed in any way!). My coupon was made inactive (without warning), because the text I had on that page had a word coupon. If you are unsure what is allowed, and what not. You better ask it from Iherb first (Iherb Rewards contact page).

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