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How to gain more iHerb referrals. My tips for the best results

Recently one of my blog readers contacted me and asked for tips how to gain more iHerb referrals.

Iherb Rewards is a real deal. I have written few articles about iHerb Rewards program previously (and my articles have stolen multiple times!). Sometimes things can get really intense on message boards too. Fight for getting new referrals is ridiculous. Some people even risk their account to gain more referrals!

People spam my blog daily with their Iherb coupon codes. Why on earth I would post your coupon on my page? Spamming is even against Iherb rewards rules! Don’t worry, I haven’t reported anyone.

To join iherb rewards program, you need to make your first order first to get your own coupon!):

1. Follow the rules

This is the first thing! You NEED to read from iHerb’s Reward page. Read the FAQ and Terms & Conditions. If you are unsure what is allowed and what is not. Ask from iHerb. You can lose your rewards, if you don’t follow the rules!

Guideline: NEVER SPAM!

2. Set an easy goal:

Start off with your friends, family and co-workers. It’s easy to get your first referral from someone you know.

3. Website & Blog

Having a website/blog helps a lot (At least I think so, as you can’t track the source where you gain referrals from). I recommend Iherb’s affiliate program to every webmaster. Most of my websites and blogs has nothing to do with health topics, but for me, the Iherb affiliate program works better than Google Adsense or Amazon Associates.

4. Review products – My Iherb page

You can review products you have bought from iHerb. You can set your own profile page (Check out my iherb page)  and when someone read your review, they can visit your profile, and with some luck, they’ll might even use your iherb coupon! I have no idea if this is a working method. (Because there’s no tracking). I have made over 700 reviews! :)

There also guidelines when reviewing products. You can’t promote your code on your reviews!

5. Social Media

Sharing your discount coupon code via Social Media is easy. You can try Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, Pinterest etc. to try to get more referrals.

BUT! the problem is that people tend to skip these messages, and even getting one click is harder than you think. On my personal Facebook account I rarely share my coupon. Maybe 2 times a year (when there is great campaign going on). Social media is a great method for promotion, but you need to use it wisely.

6. Message Boards

There are many message boards that have own discussion for Iherb orders/coupons etcs. I only share my coupon on boards that I have been member for years, and know the general rules! Signature is usually allowed. You might want to check out the board rules first!

If you start message board spamming as “newbie”, you’ll likely get banned from the board. And some people will report you to iherb. I’d be very careful with starting new thread about Iherb. Iherb seems to have removed the discussion board tip from their page. No wonder, I’m sure they are getting plenty of angry emails from website owners.

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