Sidekick blog is now High Score Blog

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Say hello to High Score Blog! – Same old stuff with a new name


This blog started back in 2011 as Sidekick blog. Why was it named as Sidekick Blog? It started as a sidekick to all of my other blogs and website. I wanted to write about all sorts of stuff that didn’t fit to my other sites. Last year I noticed that this blog is getting more and more popular. I also ended up writing more and more here (coincidence?). It was hard to call it as Sidekick blog anymore. Lately I’ve been blogging about Sony Playstation 4 games, and giving scores (although not always high scores) to various Iherb products. I think the High Score fits better to the whole thingy.

I will continue with my typical line. Writing all sort of stuff. Playstation 4, SEO, Mobile phones, Iherb, Vitacost, coupons, affiliate reviews, music…