No more free iHerb products

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What happened to free iHerb items?

Bit of a sad news for us regular iHerb customers. There are no free products on iHerb anymore. On the freebies page there’s a following notice:

“Due to customs regulations, items on this page have been moved to Trials section. iHerb will continue to include promotional items whenever possible.”

Iherb has removed free items from their freebies page completely, and the announcement above doesn’t give much hope about these free products getting back available anytime soon. Does this mean there’s no any kind of free promo items either (you know the extra stuff they’ll add without asking)? I hope not.

What’s the matter with the world today, you can’t even give stuff away for free? Everything has it’s price…

All the “Free” items are now available via iHerb trial pricing page. Starting from $0.50.

For new customers this is a great thing, you’ll get tons of stuff with el cheapo price. Sporting with iHerb coupon…

Iherb coupon code 2014 – My discount code YUY952

Something still remains the same. You’ll still save money with iHerb coupons. You’ll get either $5.00 or $10.00 off, depending on how much your order (10 bucks off with orders over $40). Once you have done your order, you’ll get your own referral code that you can share with your friends and family.