Review: LG 55LB561V 55″ Full HD LED TV, 100 Hz, MHL

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Review: LG 55LB561V 55″ Full HD LED TV, 100 Hz, MHL – Best TV for under 600 euros?

LG 55LB561V 55 Full HD LED-television 100 Hz MHL review-

Can you really get a great 55 inch Led TV TV for only 599 euros? I wasn’t really shopping for a new TV, but the price was unbeatable, so I ended up buying this TV.

My old TV was Samsung 46″ LE46B535, which wasn’t too bad, but you’ll always want bigger and bigger TV, don’t you?

I don’t need that so called “Smart TV” features, as I already have WD Live box and Playstation 3 that has Netflix and other services I need.

LG 55LB561V 55″ looked pretty impressive with it specs and price. I haven’t read many in depth reviews of this yet, but here’s my take on this TV set.  I won’t review this with my typical style, I’ll just rather just add pros and cons .


+ IPS-panel, vibrant colors
+ You can arrange the TV channels anyway you want. First digital era TV I’ve seen that has this feature.
+ When you change the channel, GUI shows up the current program name, and the upcoming name.
+ Remote control is pretty small, and works properly, not much aiming required.
+ USB-Rec


– Black levels are really weak, I was hoping for much better levels for 5 years newer TV. Old one beats this 5-0, and it wasn’t top of the line model.
– Background light leakage. There’s half of dozen spots where you can clearly see this. (see my pic)
– Background light isn’t even. There’s dark corners when you watch TV.
– Grey frames makes this TV look pretty cheap. Maybe they are grey, so the black levels looks “better”.
– Glossy panel
– Speakers are really poor, and the sound is really thin. You’ll need external speakers with this TV
– TV guide is horrible. It stops the current program completely.  It’s also really annoying to use.
– Only two HDMI inputs
– It’s hard to use the TV without remote control, as the buttons are under the TV.

Score: 3/5


Photo of Background light leaking and clouding. (taken with Nokia Lumia 720 phone)


It’s proven again, if you want cheap and good TV, you need to buy two. Next TV is not going to be a small budget TV. Hopefully Full HD OLED TV’s comes cheaper within next few years.  4K isn’t an option as long as there’s enough support: Next gen consoles (hopefully Playstation 5),  streaming services, ja Blu-ray (or whatever the physical 4K format is going to be) are mainstream.

PS. I bought this TV with my own money.

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