Playstation 4 Games For Christmas 2014

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Top-10 Playstation 4 Games For Christmas 2014 – The Wish List!

Christmas is coming with rapid steps, and for gamers this is a wonderful holiday as they can get or gift their favorite PS4 games! And since the winter season is perfect for gaming, due to the low temperatures that can be found outside. Not to mention, it’s a vacation time. The following is a list of the best PS4 titles you can buy this Christmas!

1. Destiny


This is one of the biggest game launches this year and the Halo inspired MMO is still very good. With great leveling, countless gameplay options and an amazing social aspect, nothing can be funnier than playing Destiny while outside it’s freezing cold. You always get people online and the competition is fierce, which makes a great setting for stunning battles.

2. Dragon Age: Inquisition


The best Dragon Age to date, this game will fill your Christmas with quests, dragons and an immense game world to explore. It’s similar to Skyrim as opposed to the previous titles, but the open world appeal and stellar writing by Bioware just make the game one of the best RPG experiences to date. On the PS4 the game looks stunning and it doesn’t have any functionality problems!

3. Far Cry 4


Switching the setting from a luxurious and paradise island to the Nepalese mountains, Far Cry 4 aims to bring us an even bigger and better world to explore. Thanks to the numerous improvements in the title, as well as countless opportunities, the game is one of the best open world FPS experiences to date.

4. Grand Theft Auto V


The newly released PS4 version brings numerous graphical improvements, but the gameplay is affected as well. In fact, the newly added FPS mode just oozes new life into the game and makes it feel fresh, so even those people that finished it on the older consoles will have a blast trying out the new additions.

5. Little Big Planet 3


This is a game for kids, so it can be the perfect holiday gift. Thanks to the colorful graphics, funny gameplay and cooperative play, Little Big Planet 3 just delivers some neat Christmas moments that will become unforgettable.

6. Minecraft


We had this game on all platforms, but the PS4 version tends to up the graphical detail even further, especially since it provides a better viewing distance. It’s only available as a digital download, and a cheap one too, so it’s well worth to try it out. Be aware though that you might find yourself spending your whole holiday in front of your PS4 since the game is highly addictive.

7. Alien: Isolation


This game can be the scary present to make to a person that you love. It’s mainly an action packed title filled with scary moments. In fact, the whole premise of being alone with the aliens on an abandoned space station is scary enough, but the gameplay moments can prove to be terrifying.

8. DriveClub


A game for the racing fans, DriveClub focuses on driving realism. It’s a stellar racing experience filled with great moments and the adaptive weather effects, as well as realistic sound just make the game an even better one!

9. Assassin’s Creed: Unity


This title has been launched recently and despite the numerous bugs it still offers the first time in the series when you can play co-op with friends, not to mention that the Parisian setting is simply stunning and vistas are breathtaking. Also, the missions are quite varied as well and the fact that you can see such massive crowds of people is great to say the least!

10. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


If you want an action packed Christmas with competitive play, then Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the perfect choice. This new entry in the fabled Call of Duty franchise pits the action in the near future, and introduces new game mechanics such as the exoskeleton that refresh the original formula, breathing new life into it.

These are some of the best PS4 games that you can purchase this Christmas season. All of them have received great reviews and have a massive following, so you can rest assured that the quality is there. This is why, if you want a great gaming experience on your PS4 this Christmas, you will just need to go through this list and choose one of the aforementioned games.

Is your favorite on the list? Let me know your game recommendations for this Xmas…or the next. :)

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