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Reasons Why To Use Free SEO website tools + List of 40 Free Website Ranking/SEO tools


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When you own a website, it can be very hard to get in front of your audience without having a better search engine ranking. Better search engine ranking has become a necessity in the past few years, and it gave birth to a new concept and business named search engine optimization. The interesting thing about SEO is that it allows you to optimize your website the right way so you can easily cater to the search engine algorithms, however it can be a nuisance to work with on your own without paying professionals.

Despite that, there are a few solutions you can find online that will help save a couple of bucks. Using free online SEO tools as well as analyzers provides you with a great, exciting and unique way to get a complete insight into the issues that your website has, so you can solve them faster and reap the results! But what are the benefits of using free online SEO tools and analyzers?

1. Great starting point

These tools are a great starting point when you want to perform SEO for your site, as they will analyze your website and then immediately provide you with the results. These tools are designed as a great replacement for the SEO professionals, and the fact that you can get results immediately is just an astounding thing to say the least.

2. Help you to save money

Hiring an SEO professional might be the easiest solution to handle the whole hassle, but it’s definitely not the cheapest. Instead, with the help of these online tools you will be able to receive a complete set of apps that are right at your disposal at any given time, so not only you can find the issues that your website has, but you will also have the opportunity to check the site again after you solve them.

3. Instant feedback

Unlike an SEO professional, these free online tools provide you with an immediate feedback which is also to the point. In a few seconds after you press the button, you will be able to study the data and see exactly what you need to work on.

4. Show you where to focus

As you already know, it’s hard to find the issues with SEO on your own, but free tools bring you a great alternative. After using them, you will immediately see where you need to focus in order to fully optimize your site and go up the ranks in Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines.

5. They can be accessed at any given time

While using an SEO professional multiple times will cost you a lot, using these tools is free and you can access them at any given time without any restriction. This allows you to continually monitor the SEO state of your site, for free, without any restrictions.

As you can see, with the help of free online SEO tools you will be able to fully understand the SEO state that your website has, so you can work on it and achieve the desired results. Accessing SEO tools online is free of charge, so with just a little bit of your time you will be able to make the most out of your site and take it to the next level!

40 Free SEO tools to help you rate your site and give you free tips:

I’m not affiliated with any of these website, all links tested and working in April, 2015. Links are also tested with WOT (Web Of Trust). All tools are free, and requires no registration. Some of the sites gives you a free backlink.

1. Woorank

2. SEO Web Page Analyzer

3. Google Page Speed Online

4. GoingUp 

5. WebSiteOptimization 

6. AboutUs – We Know The Web

7. Alexa 

8. ScrubTheWeb – Free Meta Tag Analyzer 

9. SEOzio

10. Pingdom

11. SEO Centro


13. SEOworkers


15. Submit Express

16. PowerMapper

17. Lipperhey

18. StatsCrop

19. Bing – Seo Analyzer

20. Free SEO Scorecard



23. PHP Jabbers


25. SEOrobotics






31. Analyze My Website









40. SEOchat

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