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Finally some new iHerb orders – August Special

It’s been way too long since I have ordered some new products from Iherb. This month there has been a nice selection of new products. Usually the new stuff is either cosmetics or supplements. This month there has been Xylitol gum, Epic Bar’s meat bites, and a new iHerb trial product. I will review every product listed on this blog post in this month or in September. It all depends on how fast the iHerb will ship these items. :)

These are my latest finds from the iHerb’s new product section:

Epic Dental: Cinnamon, Spearmint, Fresh fruit and Peppermint Gum, 50 Pieces:

epic dental spearmint xylitol gum

Epic dental is a totally new brand to me. I have ordered various Xylitol gums from Iherb before, and all of them has been huge disappointments. I’m not really having high hopes on these ones either. There was total of four flavors available: Cinnamon, Spearmint, Fresh fruit and Peppermint Gum.

Epic Bar – Epic Bites:

Chicken Meat, Currant & Sesame BBQ Seasoning, Bites, 2.50 oz (71 g)

Beef Steak with Cranberry & Sriracha, 2.5 oz (71 g)
epic bites beef steak cranberry sriracha

Bison Meat, Uncured Bacon, Chia & Raisins, Bites, 2.5 oz (71 g)

Bison Meat, Uncured Bacon, Pork & Sea Salt, Bites, 2.5 oz (71 g)

Epic bar is another new brand to me. Protein meat snacks. I’m always happy to test out new snacks.

Boiron, Arnicare Gel, Pain Relief, 0.5 oz (14 g)

boiron arnicare pain relief gel

This was from iHerb’s trial page. Price wasn’t bad, only 25 cents.

Gustus Vitae, Condiments, Gourmet Salt, Natural Smoked Sea Salt, 3.6 oz (102 g)


This wasn’t from the new items section, but this caught my eye when I was looking for some Himalayan salt. Yes, this is sea salt, but the “smoked” sounded so delicious, that I just had to order this. :)


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