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New feature on Playstation plus service: Vote To Play! Vote for September’s game


Sony started a new PS+ feature called Vote To Play. PS Plus members can vote what game they want for “free” on next month. It’s an interesting feature, and surely everyone has an opinion about it. There are three games that you can choose your favorite from.

Game #1 – Armello

A spellbinding role-playing adventure inspired by classic board games.

Game #2 – Grow Home

The story of BUD, seeking out a new species of flora to help save his home world.

Game #3 – Zombie Vikings

Command a putrid posse of Norsemen sent to do Odin’s bidding.

What did you vote?

I voted for Grow home. Why? Because PEGI 3 & 7 rated games on Playstation 3 and 4 are rare as hen’s teeth. Last month there was one game rated under PEGI 12.

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