Review: Quest Protein Powder Chocolate Milkshake

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Quest Nutrition Protein Powder Chocolate Milkshake Flavor. Whey Protein + Recipe Book – Iherb/Vitacost

quest nutrition protein powder milkshake flavorLately I have tested bunch of protein powder mixes. Including  MuscleTech’s, and Arnold Schwarzenegger whey protein powders. This time I’m trying out Quest Nutrition’s protein powder; Chocolate milkshake.  I have pretty much tried every different Quest Nutrition bar that there is, but this is the first time I have purchased their protein powder.

First I noticed that there’s a recipe book attached to top of the jar. This powder can be used when cooking a low carb desserts etc.

Powder doesn’t mix with cold milk (or water) at all, box says to use blender (not shaker), and that’s pretty much the only way to mix this powder. Texture when mixed is really thick, compared to the other products. Taste haven’t seen a chocolate milkshake. Now I know why there was a cook book attached. Only purpose for this powder I can see is a cooking/baking purpose. Wasn’t really what I expected. If you like to make desserts etc, maybe this fits for you.

Score: 2/5

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