iHerb First-time customer discount is expired (Answer!)

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New Coupon!


Another coupon you can try:


Apparently there’s a new working code, and you can add two coupons to your shopping cart automatically via this link

It will give you a five percent off, from order. If you have already used your coupons, and you’ll get a message saying “iHerb First-time customer discount is expired”. Then see this:

Reason why the Iherb discount coupon is expired?

iherb discount coupon is expired

Iherb discount coupons are now all expired – Get the latest iHerb deals and promo codes from here!

Many of the iHerb customers has received message this on their shopping cart: “iHerb First-time customer discount is expired”. 

Reason why this happens? Iherb changed their coupons and the first time customer coupons are no longer available! This change affects everyone, not just you and me!


Here’s the official notice:

Dear Rewards Customer,

Starting January 2017, iHerb Rewards will be easier and more rewarding:

Please note that because the 10% discount for new customers will be discontinued beginning January 3rd to make way for our new program of Rewards-only promos and discounts — please remove or update all previous promotional copy.

Stay tuned for more exciting Rewards announcements next year!


Are there any other coupons available? Not that I know of. All the latest deals etc.  can be found from iHerb specials page. Page also has sometimes new coupon codes. Best place for new and existing customers to star shopping.

Question is: How to be an affiliate, when the rewards system goes down the toilet? 

Loyalty credit has been reduced from 10 percent to 5 percent. Only good thing is that the iherb has lowered the prices from over 20 000 products.