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Blog Now Continues with a New Name – My Best Secret Code


Let me introduce the new name of my blog. It’s now called by the name “My Best Secret Code”. I was pretty happy with the previous name “High Score Blog”, but later I’ve found it too generic, and writing reviews under a blog that has a name “High Score” was a bit misleading. Name should now serve visitors little better.

Short History of This Blog

This blog started in 2011 as “Sidekick Blog”, as my main blog was about the Seattle band “Presidents of the USA”. The blog is still online, but the PUSA blog is less active, and the Sidekick blog soon became my main blog.

This blog has focused over the years on iHerb reviews (+ iHerb coupon), Various other promotional codes (including Record Union A&R Code), Playstation 4 games, Search Engine optimization (aka SEO). Music has always played a big part.

My Best Secret Code now fits to pretty much all of those topics! Remember all those secret game codes from 90’s? Coupons have codes, SEO has html code etc… Name now has a little mystery around it. Maybe more tempting. Who knows?

There are no genre limitations. This is my blog after all.

Having the word “My” has a much more personal feel. This blog is a one man show, and always has been. I won’t be stopping. This has now been online for over 6 years, and I’m going to renew the website hosting plan for years to come.

Now, all that I need is time to write more content to this blog, relax and have fun. Enjoy the summer.