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Super NES Classic Edition – Another Winner from the Nintendo?





Nintendo NES Classic Mini was a hit. It’s limited run was sold out really fast, and the prices went crazy on auction sites like Ebay. There’s no doubt that Super NES Classic Edition is another hit by Nintendo. Two controllers, and the unreleased Star Fox 2. That’s something that Retropie and similar systems doesn’t have.

One of my friends on Facebook said: “Why is my news feed filled with news about SNES classic?”. That’s pretty much says all about this release.

Some questions have raised to my mind.

How many units they will make?

NES mini sold out really quickly. According to the Verge, there will be significantly more SNES units to be make.

How long they can keep doing this?

Next in line is Nintendo 64 classic mini. I’m 99.9% sure that this will see the light of day too. N64 games are less than 64MB in size. Games doesn’t need a large internal storage. With GameCube the size of the game ROM around 1GB! With 32GB internal storage the system would fit all the “Best of” games, but the gaming system would also require much more power.

Updates, upgrades, expansions?

Are we going to see expansion kits in the future? I don’t want to collect consoles. I really hope to see official game kits or something similar.

More unreleased games, totally new games?

Could Nintendo bring out more unreleased games or totally new games to both NES and SNES? Absolutely. Market is now much more wider, and production cost is just a fraction of the current AAA games. Games could be sold on more devices too (Android etc.). It would make the Classic consoles even more tempting.

Where do I get one?

Pre-order from or Amazon UK


European Version:

US Version:

List of Games:

Contra III: The Alien Wars
Donkey Kong Country
Final Fantasy III
Kirby Super Star
Kirby’s Dream Course
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Mega Man X
Secret of Mana
Star Fox
Star Fox 2 (Previously Unreleased)
Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
Super Castlevania IV
Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Mario World
Super Metroid
Super Punch-Out!!
Yoshi’s Island

Release Date:

Super NES Classic Edition will be released on September. 29, 2017