Presidents of the USA June 25, 1996 Radio Interview

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The Presidents of the United States Of America: June 25, 1996 WBCN Studios, Boston, MA. USA (Radio Broadcast)

I have no idea where I got this show from. This is actually the first time I’m listening to this. Like with every PUSA interview this is fun to listen. Jason Finn goes all “Tenacious D” during the performance of Lump. Craziness continues with Peaches too. Boys are having fun as always. Four songs got performed: Lump, Supersonics (rare acoustic), Tiki God and Peaches.

WBCN-FM Acoustic Set & Interview

1. Interview
2. Lump
3. Interview
4. Supersonics
5. Interview
6. Tiki God
7. Interview
8. Peaches
9. Interview

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