Bruce Springsteen – 1984-07-26 Toronto – 4K

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1984-07-26 CNE Grandstand, Toronto, ON

It’s time for the first “full” Pure Frosting channel 4K release. This is not the complete show, as only part of the show has been circulating (widely) among traders. 

Click the song name to watch the video:


Video source is from the “Whole Lotta Rosie” bootleg DVD, and the audio is taken from Do You Love Me bootleg DVD (Sadly just 128kbps audio, but it was a better starting point than the Whole Lotta Rosie). I did the remastering 24bit 48Khz and tried to make it more full, and little more stereo (Original audio is mono). 

Picture is not perfect, but the AI is getting better. We are talking about a bootleg DVD after all. There are some parts that don’t look too good (AI model doesn’t like certain scenes). YouTube kills the quality (Original files look better. I don’t have enough hard drive space to save the whole show), even with 4k resolution. But hey, if you know me, you know that I’m never 100% happy with anything. I could have made it a little better, but after a week of working with the footage. I didn’t want to start all over again.

Like I said this is not a new source, but I used an AI software (Topaz Labs Video Enhance)  to upscale the footage from DVD resolution to 4K resolution. Still, there aren’t any more details than what is in the original. It just preserves the details better on 4K resolution. Basic upscale is fast and cheap, and the quality isn’t too good. That is where AI based upscalers come handy. They aren’t cheap, and the PC you need for it isn’t cheap. I have a 3060ti GPU (I had to buy another PC just to get that one, because it’s actually cheaper than buying just a GPU, thanks to cryptomining).  Overall I think my PC is about 3000 dollars, and all the software I used is about 1000 dollars (Yep, I have bought the licenses) . Still a fairly cheap hobby. 

Tech stuff:

Video: & Audio 

  1. Handbrake to convert the video from VFR to CFR, otherwise the audio wouldn’t sync.  
  2. QTGMC deinterlacing using StaxRip (I used the FPSdivisor, to change the frame rate from 59.94 to 29.97. Saves time, space, and the quality loss is minimal, we are talking about a bootleg DVD after all)
  3. Topaz Labs Video Enhance using 100% denoise, and after that a full upscale to 4k.
  4. While upscaling I did edit the audio using Reaper + Izotope RX Pro and other plugins
  5. Color correction, sharpening etc using HitFilm Pro, and combining the audio track. 

Reasons why there aren’t many videos on my channel:

  1. 4K upscaling is slow using AI tools. Overall the whole process from DVD to 4K sucks up a day or two. First 100% denoise, then 4K upscale, and final render with HitFilm Pro (mergin the audio). I could speed up the process by buying a faster GPU (RTX 3080 or 3090), which is about $1800-3000 or just simply buying a new PC, and using them simultaneously. 
  2. Finding the best source. I have no connection to bootleg traders or ubers. It’s all about searching the web, comparing the videos on YouTube, and trying to find the best source (torrent sites like Traders Den, Dimeadozen, Jungeland etc.). Some shows might have up to 10 different DVDs circulating. I’m not deep into trading, and I don’t know what the best source is. Also when I upload stuff, I also want to know if the audio is the best one available too.
  3. YouTube blocks the video. Sometimes the YouTube blocks your upload (there might be other videos from the same source, but the new ones gets blocked)
  4. Not happy with the results. I want the best of the best. If I’m not happy with a certain concert, I just move along to another. 
  5. Time. I work full time. I rarely got any free time, because the store I work has stupid opening hours. Nothing I can do about it. That’s life.
  6. Upload speed is slow. I have a 4G connection, and one song takes about 1.5GB space. So, it takes a day or two to upload a whole show.

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