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iHerb rewards – One of the best things about iHerb – Remember to use Coupon YUY952

If you’re not familiar about iHerb; iHerb is one of the biggest online health stores, and they sell health products with cheap prices.

Iherb also has a very popular rewards system. It allows thousands of customers to save even more with their purchases, and some of the iHerb rewards program users also gain a nice income.

If you wish to learn more. Then you might want to see this video that iHerb posted on their site. Video explains more about the iHerb Rewards program.

Video of iHerb Rewards Program:

Want to know more about the iHerb, and their reward program: 7 Reasons Why Iherb Is My Favorite Affiliate Network

Best coupon? 10 dollar iHerb discount coupons?

$10 iHerb discount code is back again!

Taken from the iHerb rewards page:

“If you are currently an iHerb customer, let your friends & family know about the great value iHerb offers and instantly save them $10 on their first iHerb order of $40 or more. Plus, orders less than $40 will still receive $5 off!”

Save some money and make your first iHerb order and get your own iHerb referral code via this link.

They have also updated banners etc. with the new $10 coupon thing, so it’s going to be available longer?

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