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Why I use iHerb affiliate network – 7 Reasons why it’s the best affiliate network for website and blog owners

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Iherb has a fairly popular affiliate program called “Iherb Rewards”, and every iHerb customer becomes a part of that reward program after their first purchase. It’s a clever system, as it works on multiple levels. You gain new referrals from multiple levels.

It’s the only affiliate network that even my Mom could use.

Let’s see this famous quote from  iHerb‘s website:

“Recent data analysis, conducted in October 2011, found that iHerb customers referring 3 or more people over a year ago earned an average of $240.00. And the figure for customers referring 10 or more people was $640.00. “

That does sound good indeed. My goal is to get one new referral per day. I wonder where I’m up to three years from now with that…

Great opportunity to get most out of iHerb rewards!:

$10.00 off your first iHerb order with an iHerb Coupon Code for orders over $40.

It’s available fo ther first-time customers and their “first order” only.

Here’s iHerb Rewards video:


1. Referrals from many levels!

iHerb rewards program works on multiple levels. When a new customer uses your coupon, He/She becomes your level 1 referral. When level 1 referrals suggest his/shes coupon to their friends, those become level 2 referrals…and so on. You get rewards/income up to level 4.

Here’s how much you get from sales:

4% rewards/income from lvl 1 sales
3% rewards/income from lvl 2 sales
2% rewards/income from lvl 3 sales
1% rewards/income from lvl 4 sales

Iherb doesn’t have any monthly subscriptions, re-sale or buying requirements. That’s why it has become so popular.

2. No website? No worries!

Iherb uses coupon code system, and all you need to do is share your coupon to your friends. Of course having a website or a blog doesn’t hurt, but you can do fine without.

Ways to get new referrals:
– Social media! Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter
– Iherb code as signature on Internet forums (follow the rules)
– Pass the iHerb discount coupon to your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues…
– Post it on bulletin boards
– Take advantage of your website/blog!
– Add discount code as your email signature (don’t spam)

3. Worldwide! – Getting new iHerb referrals from all around the globe!

I don’t think there are too many multilevel earning programs that is available pretty much all around the world. Same coupon code works on other countries too. You can get referrals from countries you might not even have heard before!

4. iHerb ads can be hard to remove!

Adblockers can block Ad-networks like Google Adsense, Amazon Affliates etc. easily, but iHerb coupon codes are much harder! You design your own ads, and custom links.

5. Cheap prices and great customer support

I use iHerb products daily myself. They have a great customer support, and much cheaper natural products (than what in my home country)

6. Great discounts and new campaigns!

There are new deals and campaigns coming out weekly. This is a great opportunity to gain more referrals, and or course a chance to save even more money with discount prices.

Just remember that all of the iHerb discount codes have the same value! There no best coupon code, and the coupons doesn’t expire.

7. Easy to use on any site or blog.

If you are creative, you can easily suggest iherb products on almost any kind of site/blog.

You can build your own iherb ads, and make them to fit your website better. Custom links work on every site, and once you have your ads ready. You can just copy-paste them into a right place on your website/blog.

How to get started with iHerb?

See: www.iherb.com and after you have made your first purchase, you get your own coupon code! Via link you get up to $10 discount from your first order!

Reminder: Always read the FAQ and Terms & Conditions carefully. This applies on any affiliate network!


Tired and bored sitting in front of your computer?:

Check out iHerb: iHerb.com, and get up to $10 discount from your first order! – coupon gets added automatically into your shopping cart via link.

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