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How and where to get free back links?

These days you need to have plenty of links pointing to your site, and competition is harder each day. I hate to spend my time building links, rather than updating my websites and blogs. I’m listing some free sites and places where to get backlinks without too much hassle.

I’m only including some of the lesser known places. I’m sure you already have links from Youtube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Pinterest etc…

1. – 25 free backlinks via SocialMonkee

Review: SocialMonkee  helps you to build up 25 daily backlinks.  You can use their web interface or their plugin for Firefox. Their version is limited to “only” 25 daily back links, and only one website can be submitted per day. Premium version has up to 100 backlinks, and 3 site submits per day.

Sadly this isn’t free any more. Silver version is pretty cheap, and you might want to check it out.

2. – TraffUP

Review:  Traffup works by points. You can get backlinks by adding your websites to Traffup, and “pay” users by points. Users get points by visiting your site(s).

More points you are willing to pay, the more visitors your site will get. You start up with 100 points, and get more by visiting other websites. IF you only wish to get working backlinks. Just give user one point per visit. That way your points will last for long, and your websites will stay visible.

Get your backlinks from: TraffUP website

3. – 2500+ free backlinks via IMT Website submitter

Review:  Don’t get too excited with IMT’s website submitter. Links that you get via IMT submitter isn’t the greatest, but at least you get a good start. Also your website will be indexed faster. It’s gonna take some time, before all the sites has been submitted.

Leave the IMT website submitter on, when you have nothing else to do with your computer. There is no registration needed, and IMT Website submitter works directly on their website.

Get your backlinks from: IMT Website Submitter website

4. – Various other backlink places

PR (PageRank) 1-7 sites:


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