8 common mistakes that SEO aware bloggers make

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Make sure you are not making these typical SEO mistakes

When you are doing search engine optimized blog posts. Sometimes you are simply over doing it. Have you made these mistakes?

1. Keyword stuffing

For some reason people think that keywords are something you need to add to every possible place you can find. Wrong! It will kill your content and make it hard to read. Why would you try to optimize your blog posts to Google, and not to your readers?

Question you should ask from yourself when writing an article: “Would you share this on social media?”.

2. Non-optimized images

Name your images properly. “46431dsGfd4542.jpg” vs “chart_of_my_passive_income.jpg”, which one you think search engines would like better? Also remember to add alt tags. I also like to add text under images (description).

3. Changing tags, keywords, titles too often

It’s not cool to edit your blog posts every two days, just because you think that your titles were wrong or could be better. That’s just bad SEO. Everyone should know that it takes time to build up proper relationship with search engines. People will link to you site based on content, and not by title.

4. Meta Description & Keyword Spam

Meta description is an invitation to your site. You have 160 characters to prove, why your site is worth visiting. Always tell what your site is about. Keyword stuffing is bad for your blog.

5. Focusing on a certain keyword

I rarely focus on certain keyword(s) You don’t beat the keyword competition by focusing on one or two keywords. Think about sentences that your visitor would write on Google. You win the competition by quality. Quality sites get higher quality links. It’s slightly slower method, but it’s worth it.

6. Your site is too slow

If your site is filled with crap (ads, videos, banners, scripts etc..), it will scare your visitors away. Slower sites also gets lower ranking by the Google. Always test your site with website analyzers.

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7. Never abandon your older blog posts

Make sure you keep your older blog posts up-to-date. Keeping the content fresh means that visitors will more likely to link your past content.

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8. Spending your time elsewhere

Your articles doesn’t write themselves. If you are pushing all the article writing thanks to Facebook, Twitter, discussion forums….You’re in trouble. Building up connections is a good thing, but make sure you’ve have set your priorities right. Set yourself daily goals, and when you have done them, you are free to spend your time on social media.

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