iHerb.com Rewards Program – How It Works (Video Guide)

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Video of iHerb’s reward program – How the iHerb.com rewards program work

Iherb.com has released a video of how their highly popular rewards program works. Starting from how to get your own referral code, promoting your code to your friends and family, using social media to promote your discount coupon code…and last, but not least. How to get extra free products, cash back, and other rewards.

Video: iHerb Rewards

If you wish to learn more about iHerb, and why I use i-Herb reward program. See this blog post: 7 Reasons Why IHerb Is My Favorite Affiliate Network

10 dollar coupon is back for good?

It also looks like that the $10 coupon is valid again!

From iHerb rewards page: “If you are currently an iHerb customer, let your friends & family know about the great value iHerb offers and instantly save them $10 on their first iHerb order of $40 or more. Plus, orders less than $40 will still receive $5 off!”

Make your first order and get your referral code via this link.