Tutorial: Download videos from Youtube & other embedded videos

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Guide: Learn how to download videos from Youtube for free:

I wrote a short tutorial how you can download videos from Youtube, and other sites having embedded videos. To download videos you need two free programs. Firefox web browser, and Firefox add-on called Video Download helper.  I recommend downloading latest versions on both software.

1. Go to Video DownloadHelper addon site (trusted site).
2. Click on “+ Add To Firefox”
3. Select “Install Now” (wait for timer to run out)
4. Restart Firefox browser
5. Now you have Video DownloadHelper completely installed and working fully.

How to download videos with Video DownloadHelper:


1. See the top left corner, and click the small black arrow next to VDH icon (see image) . Select the video you wish to download (and choose quality). For the highest quality, select 1080p (if it’s available). Then click download.

2. Save the file for selected location.

3. Just wait for download to complete, and that’s it!

Some useful tips:

– Try not to open too many Youtube windows/tabs,. It’s easier to select the correct video, when there is only one tab/window open.
– You can download up to 2 files at once with Video DownloadHelper.

How to save other streaming videos from various websites?

You can download videos with Video DownloadHelper outside of youtube, but sometimes you need a special recorder, that can record what is happening on your screen. Replay Video Capture can pretty much record any video that is out there.  It’s not a free software, but sometimes it’s the only software that can save the videos you wanted!

There’s a guide on the Replay Video Capture website, if you wish to learn more about it!

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