iHerb Reviews: Jojoba Shampoo, Bee Pollen Supplement, Methylcobalamin B-12

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Vitamin Power’s Ultra Jojoba Shampoo review

vitamin power_ultra jojoba shampoo_review_iherb

Ultra Jojoba Shampoo cleans up your hair, and makes it much more thicker. You feel the clean and refreshing effect for a long time.

When using the Vitamin Power’s Ultra Jojoba shampoo, there is no need for any extra conditioner. This Jojoba shampoo doesn’t last long as the other shampoos, but it does save some value thanks to no need for any other hair conditioners.

There are some downsides thought. Ultra Jojoba shampoo has parabens, but them shampoo feels, and smells very natural, compared to other “organic” shampoos available on iHerb.

I kinda wish that the shampoo cover would be designed better, as now it seems like it’s a product for pets or similar.

Score: 4/5

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“Vitamin Power, Ultra Jojoba shampoo” – Description:

New Enhanced Formula Multi-Nutrient Conditioning With Biotin, Vitamins B12, C & E Plus Panthenol and Protein pH Balanced For all Types of Hair Est. 1975 Formulated for both men and women, Ultra Jojoba shampoo cleanses, conditions and invigorates hair and scalp with a synergistic blend of jojoba oil, botanical extracts, B Complex Vitamins, C & E Vitamins, plus Panthenol and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. Regular use helps eliminate clogging sebum and dead skin from your scalp as it infuses each hair shaft with exclusive revitalizing multi-nutrient complex. Developed as a daily treatment to strengthen all hair types… Cleanses, removes impurities, eliminates buildup to encourage healthy hair growth. Helps prevent breakage and split ends; improves thickness and texture while maintaining proper moisture balance; conditions, invigorates and adds volume without weighing hair down; Helps prevent dandruff and dry, flaking scalp.

Pet Power Inc. Avian Granules, Bee Pollen Supplement for All Species of Birds – iHerb review:

Pet Power Inc. Avian Granules, Bee Pollen Supplement_review_photo_iherb

I didn’t know that iHerb would sell organic products for pets too. For pet lovers that want only the best for their pets, you might want to check out the iherb’s selection.

Avian Granules, Bee Pollen Supplement for birds product description on iHerb’s page doesn’t tell doesn’t tell much about this product (product itself lacks the info too).

Avian Granules bee pollens are natural, ad are nutrient rich with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and much much more. Price is also much cheaper on iHerb that what is on Amazon etc.

Score: 4/5

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Superior Source, Methylcobalamin B-12, 1000 mcg, B-6 & Folic Acid, 400 mcg, MicroLingual, 60 Tablets – iHerb review

Superior Source, Methylcobalamin B-12, 1000 mcg_iherb_review

If you are looking for an instant boost for your day, this is it. I was first skeptical about the whole b-12 vitamin, but clearly I’ve been using wrong products. Superior Source, Methylcobalamin B-12 comes in small red tablets, that you put under your tongue. Tablets dissolve quickly, and within few minutes you are feeling much more better and energized.   These small miracle tablets also taste good, making this a great purchase!

Superior Source, Methylcobalamin B-12 isn’t the cheapest B-12 supplement out there, but I’m more than happy to pay some extra for the quality. If you are looking for a mental clarity booster. Make sure you check this out!

Score: 5/5

BTW: The package has cotton wool in it and some the tablets might get caught to it. So make sure you are careful when you open the box.

Get this health product from iHerb.com: Superior Source, Methylcobalamin B-12, 1000 mcg, B-6 & Folic Acid, 400 mcg, MicroLingual, 60 Tablets

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