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Review Nature’s Way, Alive!, Women’s Energy and Men’s Energy, Multivitamin · Multimineral, 50 Tablets

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I ordered both of these products for me and my girlfriend. My decision was made by purely the raving reviews, and nice list of vitamins and minerals. Later I discovered that these have “titanium dioxide color”, which is something that health supplements (In my opinion) should not contain (more at health and safety. – wikipedia). Maybe the Nature’s Way comes with a new formula later on.

Anyway. Tablets are rather large (these tablets are hard to cut in half), but I’ve seen larger tablets. I like the fact that the serving size is only one per day, making a great price & quality ratio. Just remember to take these after a meal. If you take these to empty stomach, you might feel nauseous. (Typical with multivitamin products). I also like that the Women’s and Men’s multivitamin tablets are colored differently. As you can see from the pictures, the products are pretty similar.

Iherb product info: Nature’s Way, Alive!, Women’s Energy, Multivitamin · Multimineral, 50 Tablets and Nature’s Way, Alive!, Men’s Energy Multivitamin · Multimineral, 50 Tablets

alive_womens energy_multivitamin_iherb_review

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