PlayStation Plus on PS4, Game list, Thief, Walking dead

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Playstation 4 and the PlayStation Plus service, List of PS4 games updated, Thief, Walking Dead


Playstation plus service on PS4

I never warmed up with the whole Playstation plus service. Reason why I bought the PS3 was that it didn’t include any monthly fees. I agree that it’s a great way to get smaller games with small fee, but we have so many monthly subscriptions plans these days. Apparently Sony is planning for more subscription levels for the upcoming Playstation 4 console. I wonder how this goes. Hopefully they will add a lifetime subscription for the hardcore gamers.

Maybe if the Playstation plus got more apps covered (like Netflix, Spotify and other subscription based software) under one price. I could find more use to this service. Right now your are paying premium price for the early access for the game demos, and smaller games. I don’t find that appealing.

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PS4 Game list update with Thief

Thief game series gets rebooted (fashion started by numerous superhero movies) and Thief 4 is now simply called Thief. Release date will be around 2014. Developed by Eidos Montreal.

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