PS4 news: Game prices, Rocketbirds 2, NVIDIA PhysX, God of War

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Sony Playstation 4 news – Game prices, NVIDIA PhysX, God of War, Game list updated:


Playstation 4 game list updated with Rocketbirds 2: Evolution

Ratloop is working to get the Rocketbirds 2: Evolution for the Sony Playstation 4. Confirmed by the in their “Who’s in, who’s out?” article. Plenty of other indie games can be expected for the PS4. We’ll be hearing about them when the release date comes closer.

Here’s video of previous Rocketbirds Revolution video game:

See the complete Playstation 4 game list.

Playstation 4 news & Links:

Like usual. New games will cost more than the current gen games.
Playstation 4 And Xbox 720 Games Likely To Cost More Than Current Gen Games

It’s funny to read those article comments, about game costing too much. Remember Super Nintendo? Those games cost about 150 euros/200 dollars (inflation correction added). That was a huge celebration day when we received a new game. :) These days we buy games like candies.

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