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Source Naturals, Magnesium Serene, “Berry” and “Tangerine & Fruit Medley” Flavors – My test and analysis. :)

magnesium serene
For some reason I thought that this magnesium supplement was in liquid form. But it’s magnesium powder. Not really a bad thing, just confusing, as it was on the magnesium liquid section on :)

I tried both of these products with both cold and warm water to see how they taste. Both has bit too chalky taste. I mixed this with both cold and warm water, and I didn’t notice any difference on how fast the powder blends. When it comes to taste;  I prefer both of the “Magnesium Serenes” mixed with cold water. Both powders blends fairly quickly. Whatever you plan to do. Do not try eating this powder! Mix this to juice/water etc. Otherwise it will burn your mouth!  It’s hard to say which powder taste the better. Both are good, but perfect. This however, has a much better taste than the “Marine Biotherapies, Resilience, Magnesium Powder, Lemon-Lime”, which I have used before.

I find the price and quality ratio rather good, as you only need half (or less) from the suggested serving size. 800mg is way too magnesium! If you haven’t tried magnesium products before, it’s best to start with a low serving size (100mg twice a day).

Hunt for the perfect magnesium powder still goes on. :)

Score: 4/5

See the iHerb product page for more info: Berry flavorTangerine Fruit Medley flavor

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