Review: North American Herb & Spice Co ChagaWhite Coffee Substitute

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Review of North American Herb & Spice Co., ChagaWhite, Coffee Substitute


I love coffee. Sometimes I just drink it too much. I’ve searched Iherb website for coffee substitutes, and found a product called ChagaWhite. It cost a whole lot. More about it later on.

I didn’t really search more info about Chaga, before I made my order. When I started to write this review, I went to Google to search more about it.  Soon I discovered that is a very familiar mushroom to me (called pakurikääpä here in Finland). Chaga is very nutritious and it has been chosen here as the best natural herb of year 2013. Chaga isn’t cheap, and it pretty much explains why the ChagaWhite product has so high price.

Package says that it contains 48 servings (one teaspoon), but I usually use two teaspoons (or it’s too mild for my taste). Making price per serving pretty darn high.

Chaga doesn’t blend too well. So, you need to stir it every now and then. I don’t use sugar with my coffee, but I do use sweetener (Monk Fruit) with ChagaWhite, and a splash of milk. (Even thought ChagaWhite has dried organic milk).

Chaga white also contains organic purple maca root, organic vanilla powder and organic cinnamon powder.

How about the taste? More I drink, the more I like it. Taste is something between hot chocolate and coffee. Vanilla and cinnamon adds nice winter feel to whole drink. If price is not an issue this is well worth trying!

See the iherb product page fore more info.

Score: 4/5


  • Wild Chaga & Organic Milk Drink
  • With Organic Cinnamon and Vanilla
  • Raw or Hot Instant Beverage
  • A Potent, Wild Whole Food
  • Non-GMO

ChagaWhite is the original, wild forest coffee substitute with powdered whole organic milk. Far more nutritious than coffee, it contains a special concentrate of wild black chaga with the finest quality, whole, organic milk form grass-fed cows. With a special grade of organic cinnamon and vanilla, it’s delicious beyond belief. It’s a natural way to get B vitamins, especially pantothenic acid and riboflavin, plus minerals and antioxidants.

Natural source of sterols, B vitamins, and antioxidants.

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