My First Vitacost order + Product Reviews + Coupon

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My first Vitacost order has arrived, and here’s my reviews + my Vitacost discount coupon

vitacost couponOnly here for the coupon? You can get your $10.00 Vitacost coupon via this link.

I wanted to share my short reviews of my first Vitacost order:

Nubian Heritage Bar Soap Raw Shea Butter — 5 oz

I have used products by Nubian heritage before. This soap has bit too strong scent. Some people says this makes skin too dry. For me this works rather nicely. If you get oily skin easily (like me), then this product is for your. Price and quality ratio was nice. Nubian Heritage Bar Soap Raw Shea Butter soap was only $2.29

Avalon Organics Thickening Conditioner Biotin B-Complex Therapy

Our favorite hair conditioner. We wanted to make sure we’ll get a good use of our first timer discount coupon ($10.00 OFF). So why not order our favorite product (which we have ordered from iHerb previously multiple times). More info: Vitacost product page

BioNutritional Research Group Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar French Vanilla Creme — 12 Bars

I have bought the Chocolate version from iHerb previously (it had too strong stevia taste), but this product caught my attention on the Vitacost page. These are simply the best energy bars I have ever tasted. Trust me, I have tried dozens! Great before the workout protein bar. Or if you want to replace a small meal. More info: Product page

2 x Vitacost CoQ10 — 100 mg – 120 Capsules

There’s not much to share about the Vitacost brand coQ10 capsules. These were really cheap, and now I have months of supply CoQ10. Great energy booster. More info.

After all, I’m pretty happy with my first order. Too bad that the international shipping cost is so high. If anyone wish to use my Vitacost voucher, I’d be more than happy!

You can get your $10.00 Vitacost coupon via this link.

Vitacost and iHerb coupon – Save money!:

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