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Free Super Saver Delivery taken down – Amazon UK decided to get rid of their International customers

Social media fail by Amazon. Wishing “Happy Friday to everyone”, after removing free shipping method from their site.
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It appears that my money ain’t no good for Amazon UK anymore. Our household used to buy stuff regularly from thanks to their cheap prices and FREE super saver delivery. Now the Super Saver Delivery has been removed from the European customers, and replaced with ridiculous shipping charges. I’m sure Amazon will lose a huge amount of customers thanks to this. Our household won’t spend a dime until this is fixed.

From 3 April, 2014, FREE Super Saver Delivery will no longer be available for deliveries to Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Gibraltar, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal or Sweden.

However, news about removing the Free Super Saver Delivery doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Amazon’s logistic services doesn’t work at all. Even if I wanted my orders combined, they’ll still shipped everything separately (That can’t be cheap). No wonder they have removed the free shipping method. I’m annoyed that rather than fixing their logistics center, they’ll decided to fix the problem by raising up the prices.

How Amazon could fix this?

1. Fix their logistics. Combined orders rarely worked.
2. Raise the total order value of that will qualify for the Free Super Saver Delivery option. It has been previously around 20 euros. I wouldn’t mind, if the limit would be 50 or 100 euros to qualify for free shipping.
3. Limit the shipping weight.

Newsletter from Amazon:

As you’ve previously had orders delivered to Finland, we wanted to let you know that our delivery options to Finland are changing. From April 3, 2014, FREE Super Saver Delivery will no longer be available. You’ll have the option of Standard or Priority Delivery for orders being delivered to Finland.

More information about international delivery rates and times can be found here.

We strive to provide our European customers the greatest possible selection at low prices and hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service Department

No, you won’t see me anytime soon. I will take my money elsewhere.

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