Superfood bargains on iHerb! 50% OFF! + Extra with coupon

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Madre Labs Superfood bargain alert on iHerb website! 50% off from selected Madre Labs products!

Some great deals on iHerb specials page. I usually don’t share Madre Labs product links as they usually cost too much (compared to other similar products), but with 50% off they have great price & quality ratio.

My favorite out of this Madre Labs batch is the SuperBerry & SuperFruit Blend. Goes nicely with yogurt and smoothies. I don’t find it too tempting with just water. Hopefully they’ll still there tomorrow when I’m planning to make a new iHerb order. There’s no info about how long this bargain deal is available.

If you are here only iHerb the coupon. Feel free to use mine, it’s YUY952 (All coupons have same value). Thanks! :)

Madre Labs deal:

1. Madre Labs, Madre-C, Whole-Food Vitamin C Complex, 6.35 oz (180 g)


“Vitamin C-Rich Camu Camu, Rose Hips & Acerola plus Amla !”

2. Madre Labs, Immune Punch with AHCC and Epicor, 6.35 oz (180 grams)


“Elderberry, Full-Spectrum Mushrooms, Immune Assist Micron, AHCC, EpiCor & More!”

3. Madre Labs, Midori Greens, 6.35 oz (180 grams)


“Phytonutrient-Rich Greens – Matcha, Ashitaba, Grasses, Herbs, Vegetables & More!”

4. Madre Labs, Eureka! Berries, A SuperBerry & SuperFruit Blend, 6.35 oz (180 g)


“Phytonutrient-Rich Berries and Fruits plus Beets & Carrots!”

First timers also save extra with iherb coupon code YUY952 – Up to 10 dollars off!

Click here for more info about the products above

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