Why to use free online SEO website analyzer tools

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Reasons why everyone should use free SEO analysis tools


Search engine optimization is a process that allows you to rank higher in search engine results by using numerous techniques. And since ranking better in a search engine automatically means more sales, the importance of SEO has increased tremendously in the last few years, and so has the use of SEO analysis tools.

This type of tools allow you to analyze various things related to the SEO optimization of your website, such as the amount and effectiveness of meta keywords, the uniqueness of your website’s content, but also its speed and other things that can affect your search engine ranking.

Such applications enable you to speed up the process of collecting website information, so you will spend less time gathering the data and more time actually analyzing it and creating a plan which allows you to solve the problem faster.

In addition, SEO tools are great for analyzing any aspect of a web page and see if it’s ok or not. For example, a plagiarism checker tool allows you to see if you have duplicate content on your web page, so you can easily go and create new content before you receive a penalty from the search engines.

There are some applications that show you the exact keyword position in a text so you can appeal to Google and other search engines even more. Then you have link tracker apps that list page URLs which contain links pointed your site. This can help you evaluate your backlinks and also create a strategy regarding your future content, so it’s really beneficial.

Then there are website speed analyzer tools, which are essential for any webmaster, as they show you how fast it takes to load your website in various browsers, but also how easy it is to explore your website. This function is surely amazing and it really helps a lot in getting the information you need for optimizing some portions on your website.

Of course, the best SEO tool is surely the keyword density checker. After a writer finishes an article, he can use this tool to see if the keyword density has been respected or not. As you already know, high keyword density can be a problem and will surely give you penalties in most search engines. This is why using such a tool will not only tell you how to restructure your text so it appeals to the search engines, but it’s also beneficial for viewing the density of each keyword as well.

There are other SEO tools as well, such as the page authority checkers, WHOIS checkers, Alexa rank checkers, backlink makers and many, many others. All of these can really help you and your website as long as you use them properly. It’s important to think about the type of statistics you want then you will have to find the tools which can provide them. If you do manage to find these tools, they can surely help you improve your website’s speed, but also the overall user experience.

The SEO tools are more than just a fad and fancy set of applications, they are very helpful if you want to rank higher in search engines. If you use them properly, they can actually increase your profits and make your website a success.

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