Reasons to buy a Playstation 4

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Playstation 4 box press photo (PS4)

Good reasons why you should buy the Sony Playstation 4

The PlayStation 4 is the latest console created by Sony and it allows you to experience high resolution gaming in your living room. It has been released seven years after its predecessor and it brings a lot of processing power as well as numerous other perks as well that can make your game experience much better compared to the previous generation consoles.

There are numerous reasons to buy a new PS4, and the main one is surely the fact that it brings an amazing processing power that will support all the future games that will appear in the next few 5-8 years. Since the PlayStation 3 survived for more than 7 years on the market and games are still developed for it, it’s safe to say that purchasing such a console will make you future proof when it comes to gaming.

Even thought there are still some games lacking the full 1080p mode, but Sony has this better covered than Microsoft with it’s Xbox one.

Upcoming games are going to look better and better, as the developers learn how to take everything out from the PS4’s hardware. It’s a safe bet, as the same thing has happened with the previous console generations too.

In addition, the PS4 seamlessly connects with the PlayStation Vita, so if you ever need to be on the go, then you can continue playing the PS4 game on your Vita without any problem.

The PS4 is also home to numerous streaming capabilities, as it provides complete support for Twitch and Ustream, so if streaming your games is something you like to do, then purchasing such a device can surely help a lot.

The PS4 controller allows you to share your screen recordings and screenshots to social media just by clicking a button. This feature is amazing for people that use social media on a daily basis and want to showcase their latest achievements they got in their PS4 games.

If you’re a fan of indie games, then you need to rejoice, as the PS4 allows indie developers to self publish their games. This helps small developers while also giving you access to a wider range of games for your device.

The device is also bundled with many accessories that you can choose from. In fact, there are different bundles that cater to different types of users, so you can surely find one that suits your needs. The fact that you can find the console bundled with different accessories is actually a great way to show the customers that you care about them, and that’s something that Sony does brilliantly with the PS4.

PlayStation Plus – Added value to the PlayStation owner

The PS4 price is around 400$, and if you plan on buying it then you should also purchase an annual subscription to the PlayStation Network service called PlayStation Plus, which is also cheap (around 50$). The PlayStation Plus offers “free games” on a monthly basis, so subscribing to that is really helpful. Games remain “free” as long as you pay the subscription costs.  If you own the Playstation 3, and have the PSN subscription going, there’s plenty of Playstation 4 games waiting to be played!

Currently the PSN is pretty much a must to have, as there current state of released “retail games” is bit narrow, but that should be fixed in coming months.


In conclusion, the PS4 is an amazing platform that offers great subscription modes and lots of reliability, something that makes it the perfect choice for casual and veteran gamers alike. If you are a passionate gamer that’s on the lookout for a console, then buying the PS4 might very well be the perfect thing to do.

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