Iherb Christmas Gift Ideas

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What to buy for Xmas – Iherb gift ideas


This year I’ve been early with my Christmas shopping (to me it’s always Christmas, rather than Holiday and I’m not a religious person). I wanted to share my favorite Xmas gift ideas.


Yes, Christmas is filled with chocolate. Chocolate can be healthy too, just make sure it’s dark chocolate (70% or more cocoa), in case you want to stay on more healthy side.

My favorites are Chocolove (really nice packages too) and The Tea Room chocolate bars (organic).


I have bought tea from Harney and Sons for few years now. First of all the tea is great, and the packages are just superb. Nice tin cans. My favorite is Pomegranate Oolong tea.


I have ordered tons of soaps from South Of France. “Simmering Orange Cloves” and “Frosted Evergreen” are just perfect scents for holiday seasons. Also nice quality soaps, and not badly price either.


If you want quality cosmetics with unbeatable prices (also no animal testing!). Check out ELF cosmetics. I’m so glad that iHerb carries this brand. Saves a lot of money on cosmetics. There’s great amount of sets and palettes that will satisfy her needs.

Other gift ideas:

Iherb also has their dedicated page for gifts. Just remember, if you click the pages open via that site, it wont show up the whole selection of each brand! Usually the products on that page gets sold out pretty fast. If you are looking for Black Friday deals from iHerb, there haven’t been any in the past years. For the all the latest deals can be found from the iHerb Specials Page!.

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