PS4 Game Releases In January, 2015

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List of Playstation 4 games coming in January, 2015

2014 was a great year for PS4 gaming, with amazing releases and also numerous disappointments. But since January 2015 is closing in, we have created a list of Playstation 4 games that will appear during the month, so you can be prepared. January will provide a nice mix of genres, so no matter what you like, you are bound to find it here. If some of the release dates are wrong, please don’t shoot the messenger.


Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

ps4-Saints Row Gat out of Hell-playstation-4-game-cover-art
This is a standalone expansion for Saints Row IV which will bring a musical like quest and lots of activities that will require us to fill a Satan Wrath meter that will unlock story elements and numerous cutscenes. The game takes place in a new open world named New Hades. The PS4 will also receive a Saints Row IV: Re-Elected version of the original game, which will be released, just like the expansion, on the 20th of January 2015.

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Raven’s Cry

ps4-ravens cry-playstation-4-game-cover-art

Raven’s Cry is a game that tries to show us the true life of pirates as they tried to fight the corrupted governments and earn new loot while doing that. The game is set to deliver a historically accurate recreation of piracy, while it also adds some interesting game mechanics as well as some very powerful weapons. You can get the game on PS4 starting with the 28th of January.

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Dying Light

ps4-dying light-playstation-4-game-cover-art

This is a parkour game that takes place during the zombie apocalypse. You will be able to craft your own weapons, run from the zombies, create your own shelter and help the survivors. Dying Light features a great day and night cycle that successfully manages to affect the gameplay. Most of the combat will be melee based, which makes the game feel even more intense and interesting. Dying Light has a January 27 release date!

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Grim Fandango: Remastered


This is a great, remastered edition of the fabled, iconic adventure game. With better graphics and a few gameplay changes, the Grim Fandango: Remastered is a great game to purchase this January for your PS4. Finally a new generation of gamers can enjoy this game with Playstation 4! Hopefully it doesn’t have many bugs like it did, when the original version on PC came out back in the day…

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Resident Evil HD Remastered

Resident Evil HD Remastered-ps4-game-cover-art-playstation4

Set of a 20th of January release, this is a game that will allow us to revisit the horrors in the first Resident Evil, this time in HD form. Filled with interesting new additions and a professional remaster, Resident Evil HD Remastered will take full advantage of the PS4 power in order to provide an even more immersive and scary experience.

Citizens of Earth

An RPG published by Atlus, this game will place you into the role of a vice president to the world, which goes back to his rural hometown just to find out that something very strange is going on, and he needs to make sure that he gets to the bottom of it. The title is very charming and with a great sense of humor! Citizens of Earth will be released on the 20th of January 2015.

Life Is Strange

This is an episodic drama adventure that will be played from the third person view. The great thing about Life Is Strange is that it will provide you with the means to go back in time and undo the mistakes, as long as you have a checkpoint in the area. Also, the dialog system for Life Is Strange is extensive an very easy to go through!

These are all (or at least the majority) Playstation 4 games that are going to be released in January, 2015. I don’t have anything against “remastered” games. I actually wish that there would be more remasters (but the prices needs to be a lower too). Anyways…

It’s very interesting to see the diversity of genres, as these span from zombie themed games to RPGs and even adventure games, so if you own a PS4, January 2015 will surely be a great month for gaming!

What game are you waiting the most in 2015?

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