Warning About iHerb’s Clearance Sale

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iHerb’s Clearance sale – No refunds – Be careful when you order clearance sale products from iHerb.com


Sometimes things just go wrong.  I have always gotten great customer service from iHerb.com. This time it was a different case. They’ve almost lost a regular customer.

Just a fair warning: If you order from Iherb’s clearance sale(which I think is a great place to find bargain products), those products doesn’t have a money-back guarantee.

We ordered some E.L.F cosmetics from the clearance sale, and there weren’t any bad reviews, when we made our order. When the ELF cosmetics arrived. They were all dried up!

I contacted the iHerb customer service via chat, and the customer service person said, that I need to take photos, and then I’ll get a refund. So, I emailed the pictures, and then to my surprise they’ve said this time, that the items were non-refundable!

On the email they’ve also wished: “We hope you have a wonderful day”. This got me a bit furious. After email exchanging, everything turned out fine.

“We appreciate your response. I have brought the issue to the attention of my supervisor once again and here is what we can do, since you are a great iHerb customer we will be making an exception this time and will refund items”

Luckily this wasn’t my first iHerb purchase, I doubt I would ordered again after an experience like this. I doubt I would have received any refunds either.

What comes to the dried up cosmetics, I asked them to check the products, and remove them from their selection. I think an other kind of reply would have been nice:

“as for the products being removed from our site, please note that items will remain available as long as we continue to have customer demands and we do not receive a multiple of issues with the product.”

Basically this means, that you can send any kinds of faulted products, if you won’t receive much complains? I would not sell any faulted products, or if I’d receive a similar kind of feedback, I would check what the problems is. Now they won’t even check out the situation at their warehouse.

Now the products have many bad reviews, but the items are still there.

Conclusion: If you order from the iHerb’s clearance sale, you might not get any refunds, if things go wrong!

I still think that iHerb is a best place for natural products, but this got me little more cautious.

I wanted to share my story, as sometimes people say that my blog posts are too “selling”. I agree, I should make more posts about bad products, and products I hated. Maybe it’s just nicer to be on the more positive side.

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