PlayStation 4 Game Releases – March, 2015

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Sony Playstation 4 Games To Be Released In March, 2015

February was a nice month for PS4 gaming, but there’s a plenty of games coming in March too. There are numerous major releases for the Playstation 4, with a multitude of new games as well as sequels to boot. Let’s dive in to see what games are coming in March, 2015:



This top down shooter takes place in a procedurally generated universe and it brings a chaotic combat with elements such as friendly fire and tactics. It’s one to watch for when it releases at the beginning of the month.



This is an indie game with a skateboard theme that tries to improve on its sequel by adding new mechanics and a variety of new, exciting items at all times. It’s going to be released at the same time with Helldivers, and if you are an indie fan, this should be a good one to add to your game portfolio.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – More episodes:



The first episode for this was released in February, but more episodes in this creepy adventure are coming to play this months. This is an eerie, atmospheric and scary game.

Zombie Army Trilogy:


Zombie Army Trilogy brings the whole zombie theme for Sniper Elite in the spotlight. It features 3 distinct games included in it and it should be a good one for the horror fans.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

hotline miami-2-Playstation-4-ps4-game

Hotline Miami was a huge success, so people are eager to see how Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number will fare with the acquired celebrity. Numerous new additions such as new characters, abilities and play styles will be added, so you are in for a treat, if you loved the first game.

Battlefield Hardline:

Battlefield Hardline-ps4-playstation-4-game-cover-art_

With Battlefield Hardline, DICE tries to bring the AAA Battlefield into another realm, where cops and robbers battle for supremacy. There are multiple game modes that focus either on driving or teamwork, so everyone can have fun in this new iteration of Battlefield.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War Nightmare edition:

Bladestorm The Hundred Years War Nightmare edition-ps4-game-art

This is a re-release of the 2007 real time strategy for the older consoles, and it features updated graphics as well as some new and exciting elements. It’s a nice little game to play, with lots of strategic options and tactics at your disposal.


Jamestown plus  ps4 playstation 4 logo large

Jamestown was one of the indie hits of the past few years, and Jamestown+ brings the experience to the PS4, with a set of new levels and some nice little additions from a graphical standpoint that do not cripple the normal style of the game.



Bloodborne is the major release of March 2015, as it features a combination of the previous Dark Souls games and a world of vampires. This time, the combat is very fast paced and filled with lots of potential, something that certainly changes the way you approach missions!

Slender: The Arrival:


This Slender sequel has been around for quite some time on the PC, and now it reaches the next-gen consoles! The gameplay is roughly the same, you need to complete objectives and avoid the slenderman at all costs.

MLB 15: The Show:

MLB 15 - The Show ps4 playstation 4

MLB 15: The Show is a baseball game and the annual iteration of the MLB series. It’s a nice game created specifically for the PS and with baseball fans in mind.


These are the PS4 games that will appear in March 2015, so if you want to get something good to play this month, then you need to go through these releases and check out if there’s something that you might like. We’ll keep you updated with more Playstation 4 game releases that come in the next months! Stay tuned!

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