Review: Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, Mint Chocolate Chunk

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Review – Quest Nutrition, Quest Bar, Protein Bar, Mint Chocolate Chunk Flavor, 12 Bars, 2.1 oz (60 g) Each from iHerb




Finally had a time to review latest protein bar from Quest Nutrition. It’s called “Mint Chocolate Chunk Flavor“. Cookies & Cream version is my ultimate favorite from the Quest Nutrition’s selection. Let’s see, if we have a new winner.


Box and package looks really fresh, and to my surprise even the bar looks delicious (most of the Quest Nutrition’s bars look pretty horrible, when compared to the package). You can see bright green mint chunks. Mint color is from fruit juice, Turmeric btw.

How is the flavor? First you’ll taste fresh minty flavor, but soon you’ll notice licorice like stevia aftertaste. To be honest, I can’t taste any chocolate. Overall taste is way too sweet. Texture is nice.

Another disappointment. I’m gonna stick with the cookies and cream flavor. This surely isn’t one of my favorites.

If you are wondering why Quest Nutrition bars are so popular. It’s because there’s barely any carbs. Packed in with plenty of protein and fibers. Making it a perfect protein bar combo. Sadly the mint flavor just wasn’t for me.

Score: 3/5

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