iHerb coupon changes November, 2015

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iHerb discount coupon – New discounts – November, 2015 update


The old 5 & 10 dollar coupons are history. Latest coupon offers $5.00 + 5% OFF from the first order only. Yes, it’s a little weaker for first timers who make a smaller order, but if you go big with your first order, this is pretty much similar to the previous coupon.

What does this mean to iHerb Rewards program (affiliates)?

For each new referral, iHerb gives you a five dollar bonus! This is pretty much the best news that iHerb has offered for a long time for their rewards members. I wonder how long this will be effective.

How to join the iHerb’s “affiliate network”? It’s really easy. Just make your first order, and you’ll join their rewards program automatically. For each new customer you will earn 5 dollars and 5% from their purchases. Hopefully they will bring more great news in 2016.

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