Review: Muscletech, 100% Platinum Whey, Vanilla Cake protein powder

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Muscletech, 100% Platinum Whey, Vanilla Cake, 2.00 lbs (907 g) – Protein powder review (ordered from iHerb) + Unboxing video!


MuscleTech is an Internationally known supplement brand, mostly aimed for bodybuilders. I’m no bodybuilder, but I’m using protein products to cut my carbs. This is the first time I have tried this brand.

Box says that “mixes instantly”, and that’s not too far away from the truth. This surely mixes quicker than some of the whey protein powders I have tried. Powder is really fine and flully.

Taste is artificial and really sweet (I used a cold milk, I simply can’t take protein powders mixed with water). After taste is a bit nauseating, if you take this to empty stomach. Package says between major meals, but I suggest eating something after taking this protein. It’s not a really big problem, but I kinda waited more from this product.

Click here for the product page.

Score: 3½/5


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