Quest Nutrition, Coated Protein Bar, Pumpkin Pie Flavor

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iHerb Review: Quest Nutrition, Coated Protein Bar, Pumpkin Pie Flavor

pumpkin quest nutrition bar

I have pretty much given the hope on whole Quest Nutrition brand. I have read good reviews about the Pumpkin pie flavored QN bars, and that made me wonder, if I once more will review their product. I don’t think I have ever eaten a pumpkin pie. So, why not give this one a go.

When you unwrap these, you’ll soon notice, that there aren’t the typical looking Quest Nutrition bars. These actually look good! Bright orange color, and there’s a crispy coating on top of the bars. Much more appealing look.

First bite. Texture is surely the best that QN bars have seen. Crunchy coating adds a whole lot to these bars. Taste however is a bit too much artificial for my taste, but that doesn’t mean it’s all that bad. This is actually the best Quest Nutrition bar that’s currently out there. Hopefully the will add similar coating to their other bars too (I will surely vote for that). Pumpkin Pie Flavor is a limited edition, So maybe they’ll test this new coating thing with this flavor.

Score: 4/5