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Lightweight Shareaholic WordPress Alternative: OSD Social Media Sharing Plugin review

Improving your website/blog speed rating can be hard. I have previously used the Shareaholic WordPress Extension for social media sharing. I’m interested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Always nice to gain a better ranking on Google etc. One of the ranking meters is the page speed.

After using multiple website speed benchmark tools, I quickly noticed that JavaScript etc. slows down the site performance a lot. There were two major things that slowed my site.

  1. Shareaholic – WordPress plugin for easy sharing your blog posts on Social Media services.
  2. Google Adsense – I have now removed all the Google Ads from this site. No more Google ads on this blog! It barely gained any revenue. Most of the visitors uses an Adblock on their browsers anyway.

After removing Shareaholic and replacing it with the OSD Social Media Sharing Plugin (lightweight Shareaholic alternative). Loading time dropped for almost 50%! Shareaholic is filled with all sorts of things you can tweak, and has lots of features I never use. OSD Social Media Sharing Plugin installed quickly, and required only few clicks to set it properly. Now my blog has all the basic social media sharing buttons. I’m not missing any features. Why I installed the Shareaholic in the first place? Usually you go with the flow. Shareaholic is one of the most popular plugins.


OSD Social Media Sharing Plugin is easy to recommend, if you only need the basic social media sharing features on your WordPress blog. See end of this post, to see the buttons.

What next?

Next step is to hire someone from the Fiverr to do some WordPress speed fixes. I can do some basic plugin installs, but I have broken down my blog few times using some of the WordPress speed tweaking plugins. I’m only little worried about sharing my password to a totally stranger. Good thing is that there’s a nice review system, so I should be safe with it. Of course I’ll have to do a full backup etc, before taking that step. Maybe I’ll do a review of the whole process. But that’s another thing.