Fiverr Gig Review: Speed up your WordPress in 24hr

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My First Fiverr Gig Review: “I will speed up your WordPress in 24hr”

Fiverr a curse word in the SEO world, can there be any gigs worth buying? Let’s start with my experience with the latest gig that I have bought. Gig “I will speed up your WordPress in 24hr” caught my eye, I was really curious to test that one out.

I’ve been struggling with the performance of this blog. Yes, I have tried dozens of WordPress tweaking plugins, and Googled multiple times for a help. Some of them have helped a lot, but never I have reached the performance that I have wanted.

Finally I gave up, and searched Fiverr for gig(s) that could help speeding up my blog. Fiverr user sachinmaster has plenty of raving reviews on her gigs. Still the trust of having outsider to have a full access to my site scared me. I did a full backup, and everything before the gig (I’m very cautious person by nature. Also really cheap.)

My scores before the gig were pretty average. Let’s see the results shall we?



PageSpeed Insights Score:

Mobile: 68/100 -> 86/100

Desktop: 78/100 – > 96/100

GT Metrix:

PageSpeed Score: 89% -> 99%
YSlow Score: 70% -> 87%
Page Load Time 1.7s -> 1.3s

Pingdom Website Speed Test:

Performance grade: B 82 -> B 88
Load Time: 3.1s -> 0,7s



Performance increased on every benchmark I’ve used. I have PDF prints from each benchmark result (taken before the gig). For the speed tests, I’ve used a static page from this blog (Iherb discount code page). To get more accurate results.


The work she did was superb. Increase of the performance on all the website benchmarks was more than amazing. Yes, it took under 24 hours to complete. Absolutely professional work. I’m surely going to add this gig to my favorites…permanently.

I’m not affiliated with this gig in anyway. I have never reviewed any Fiverr gig before, and this gig was simply so good that the Fiverr’s own review system doesn’t do this any justice! Gig was worth every dollar!  Easy to recommend!